Sandy Brantley is a growth evangelist, speaker, and best selling author. A former fortune 50 executive, Sandy is passionate about the power of developing the NEXT GENERATION to be successful, employable young adults with a strong moral compass. She helps individuals and organizations learn to BETTER PREPARE their ducklings to launch successfully into adulthood. After watching her own child suffer the effects of cruel bullying, Sandy was desperate to help her child heal, build confidence, and find her own success. She found answers in the unconventional. Now she’s sharing what she learned with others. They call her “The Duck Wrangler.”

Speaking Topics

Sandy is a knowledgeable, fun, impactful speaker. She speaks from the heart and makes everyone feel they are talking to a good friend. A teammate in the battle, she offers REAL WORLD solutions.

The Effects of Failure to Launch Syndrome on Corporate America

Failure to Launch affects more than the individual or family unit. Companies are struggling to find and keep young workers across the board. The hiring process is costing businesses an average of 18% more because of it. In addition, company culture is suffering from low morale, reduced employee camaraderie and higher stress levels. These costs are impossible to measure but all lead to reduced productivity and retention rates. What is a company to do?

Sandy Can Help Employees to Executives:

  • Understand the New Generation
  • Foster Generational Partnerships
  • Set Appropriate Expectations
  • Provide Programs that Appeal to ALL ages
  • Create an Inclusive Company Culture
  • Find and Celebrate Individual Strengths

Intentional Parenting

Hands-Off Mode in the teen years is risky. Busy parents often often assume teens don’t need or want guidance. The truth is that these years are just as important to their development and progression.

Find out what it means to parent with intention. You CAN focus specifically on what your teen needs to know to find success a an adult. If we don’t teach them, what are we allowing to fill the gap?

This program will:

  • Identify the risks of TV, Youtube and Social Media
  • Explain why schools are simply not equipped to teach life skills, values and character
  • Provide REAL solutions that take minutes a day and will make all the difference in your teen’s future
  • Suggest strategies and solutions to build a better relationship with your teen

Teens in Business

Start a business with my teen? Why would I want to do that? Simply put, it provides the platform on which to build the foundations your teen will need to become independent, thriving, young adults when the time comes.

Maneuvering business with your TEEN can be tricky. This program will help:

  • Explain the benefits of work for your teen
  • Identify options for types of business that work well for teens
  • Outline key strategies to working with your teen successfully
  • Determine reward systems that work for your teen
  • Incorporate Character in everyday life
  • Teach REAL life skills
  • Keep the Interest of Your Teen
  • Earn Real Money as you teach about personal finance, saving and money management


Leadership has many challenges and topics. As a certified Leadership Speaker and coach, Sandy Speaks on leadership for TEENS and ADULTS, the unique requirements each takes and how to apply fundamental leadership strategies to both.

These Programs Can Help You:

  • Make the Transition into Leadership
  • Continue to Grow and Develop Your Personal Leadership Strengths
  • Identify and achieve your definition of REAL Success
  • Become a Person of Interest
  • Make Connections Rather than simply Communicating
  • Adopt a “Win or Learn” Mentality
  • Develop the Leader Within
  • Begin Living with Intention
  • Develop Leaders Around You

See What They’re Saying

Our happy customers have a lot to say about Sandy and her message!

(Sandy’s message) made me want to be a better person and a more mindful parent to my teenager. Sandy’s voice is authentic and smart. I felt so much compassion and understanding. You will be rooting for Samantha and relating to her mom. If you have a teenager, you will want to read this book.


Leann Shaw


Leann Shaw Seminars, LLC

Wonderful perspective about how to move things forward. Several great points that you can easily put into action today. You should follow up with the journal counterpart to stay on pace and keep moving forward.


Arnold Harden

Senior Director of Sales


As a grandparent with grandchildren in their teen years or entering their teen years, this was a good reminder to me of my responsibility to mentor and encourage them.


Ken Parker

City Manager

Port Orange, FL

As parents we have a lot of confidence in teaching our children early lessons: walking, talking, colors, fine-motor skills and how to navigate the elementary playground. Once our teens reach middle school, and then highschool, our confidence takes a dive. They are navigating a world that has changed so much since we were their age. (Sandy has) a blueprint to boil those life lessons down into manageable chunks while creating lasting memories for you with your teen. It is obvious that Sandy and Samantha learned a tremendous amount together as they built a successful business.


Elesa Labanz


Sooooo Needed!!! As a counselor who works with parent-child issues, I can attest to the value of Sandy’s book. Growing up can be incredibly confusing. We parents need to be totally involved in our children’s lives. Mrs Brantley shows great insight. I recommend her book to all my clients struggling with teen issues.


Dr. Bob Fischer

Marriage & Family

New Life Counseling Center

Everyone should read this book. Whether you are a parent raising children wanting to inspire your child to reach for their dreams and goals or you, yourself are an aspiring entrepreneur, this book will give you tools, ideas and inspiration to do it.


Denise Edelmaier

Product Development

Walt Disney Company