What’s the number one thing threatening your teen from becoming a successful adult?  The answer might surprise you. Many teens lack ambition, self-confidence, the ability to make meaningful relationships, keep a job or pay their bills. They lack the skills they need to be functioning adults. We call them sitting ducks. Don’t let yours become one.

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Samantha had fallen prey to cruel bullying and begun to shut down. At 16, she spent more time in her room alone, than she did in school everyday. Desperate to help her daughter find success and gain confidence, Sandy knew she had to do something BIG. She found the solution in the unconventional…

Parenting teenagers is not easy.

Sandy knows first-hand how hard it is to maneuver the obstacles of raising an adolescent. From her own experiences, she can arm you with tools and tactics to thrive as a parent in the teen years.

Best Selling Book Get the Duck out of My Pond will help you:

  • Create a teen growth strategy that works
  • Improve communications with your teen
  • Encourage personal development habits
  • Model good character
  • Set up a system to support success as you work together

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Also checkout our guided journal that is the perfect companion:

Get the Duck Out of My Pond: Success Journal

Don’t Be Caught without a Plan for Your Teen!
Set out on a journey to develop your teen and put them on the road to success in life with 7 easy steps. This journal is a weekly guide to planning, organizing and implementing your own teen growth strategy as outlined in Sandy’s book Get the Duck Out of My Pond. Grow closer as you grow your teen and your business with intention and proven tactics.
This Success Journal will help you:

  • Create Daily Success Habits
  • Open Lines of Communication
  • Produce a Business and Personal Development Strategy
  • Focus on Modeling and Teaching Good Character
  • Document Weekly Goals and Progress
  • Track Meeting Agendas and Assignments


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