Who are Sandy and Samantha Brantley? Top producers in their social selling company, Sandy and Samantha learned how to work outside the box. A former executive with a fortune 50 company, Sandy had no interest in direct sales. Sandy decided to join one at the plea of her then 16 year old daughter Samantha. Samantha spent years suffering the effects of cruel bullying. Seeing it as a way to help her find success and gain confidence, Sandy jumped in with both feet.

Working together as a team

Working together wasn’t always easy. They often jokingly refer to themselves as “LAZY and the NAG.” It took intention and time to develop a working relationship. Sandy and Samantha became top producers, earned ¬†incentive trips and built an international team. That year, Samantha was honored with a company culture award given to only one teen each year. Fast forward several years. Samantha speaks to large communities about leadership, bullying, and business. A senior at the University of Central Florida, she is a leader on campus and a philanthropist with a heart for others. That shy, self-conscious teen is now a confident, thriving, young adult.

A NEW purpose for Sandy and Samantha

Through this journey, they’ve found a whole new purpose. Together, they have begun a lifetime quest to end bullying and empower teens and young adults to find the self-worth and self-confidence Samantha’s found. Sandy and Samantha are passionate about helping other parents and teens find the success they did. There is a growing epidemic in this country. Teens, in large numbers are not launching successfully into adulthood. Sandy and Samantha believe business is the best way to develop teens and teach critical life skills. Join these two as they share their secrets to success as a mother/daughter team.

Bullied Daughter
Samantha overcame bullying to find success though business

Samantha is Now a Thriving Young Adult