Free Facebook Safety training online for TEENS

Most people don’t use resources provided to them for free. It’s not because they don’t want to use them. Usually it is because they don’t know these resources exist. It’s my firm belief that we need to share these resources with each other as we stumble across them. I was recently researching information on keeping teens safe online for an article I was writing. In my research, I stumbled across this online training offered by Facebook.

Parents worry about their kids online

Of course parents worry about the risks their teens face online. Apps, Gaming, and social media all introduce risks of their own. Predators lurk in chat rooms, games and social media platforms just waiting for the right opportunity. Parents are rightfully concerned about allowing their kids online. But, it’s not practical to keep them offline forever. Facebook offers a FREE Parent portal to Facebook users. I recommend spending some time in there and seeing what Facebook recommends for your students.

Teach your kids how to be safe online

Instead of avoiding the risks of being online, we should tackle the issue head on. Arming our teens with the tools to protect themselves online is critical. Being online has so many benefits that outweigh the risks. Learning as much as we can and teaching our kids is the key to them finding success. Facebook offers a pretty good online course that is designed specifically for teens. I’m sharing that link here: Facebook Teen Safety Training. This training is for the Facebook platform specifically, but it’s a great start.

Train yourself first

I recommend taking the training yourself first then share it with your teen. When the training is complete you can discuss it and open lines of communication with your teen about the risks of being online. even with training, open communication with your teen is the best defense against online risks.

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