The art of the sale is all about relationships and experiences. You begin that relationship long before you say a word. When you talk about personal communication 55% of what you “say” to others comes from your body language. That means people take more than half of their cues from your body language. Are you “saying” what you want to say? BODY LANGUAGE makes all the difference to your first impression. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Use these tips to help you make the biggest impact without saying a word. Follow these body language tips to set yourself up for the best possible introduction to your sale.

Body Language Communication

15 Fail-Proof Ways to Improve your Body Language:

  1. Stand up: Don’t communicate with your customers from a seated position. From a standing position you show confidence, respect and that you are in charge of your event or party. Also stand up straight. Show power and confidence in your stance. It is also more professional looking. Don’t stand with hands on your hips or behind you. Keep them natural at your sides.
  2. Don’t Cross Your Arms: Crossed arms portray that you are not approachable, angry, or not open to ideas.
  3. Nod your head and gestuteen business; body language; sahm; parent with purposere when listening: Show your client that you are invested in their comments and stories by actively listening. Nod once, not continually so they know you hear what they are saying.
  4. Don’t Fidget: Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness. Just don’t do it.
  5. Always have your hands in sight: Don’t hide your hands behind your back, under a table etc. Subconsciously it makes people think you have something to hide.
  6. SMILE: Even if you’ve had a bad day, you must keep that to yourself.  Smile at your customers and be kind. You are thankful for their time and business, make them feel that you are.
  7. Don’t Make Sudden Moves: Making quick movements makes you seem too anxious and can  startle people. Make movements fluid and calm and put your customer at ease.
  8. Take a Half Step Back: When addressing your customer, take a casual half step back. Stay engaged but give them space. Don’t POUNCE! Be open while showing them they are welcome to look or ask questions. BUT don’t lean backward or forward either. Stand straight. Leaning back shows laziness or arrogance, forward is a sign of aggression. Try to keep a neutral stance.
  9. Make Eye Contact: Draw your customer into what you are saying by looking them directly in the eye. Looking up or looking around is a sign that you are lying. Make and Hold eye contact, but be careful not to stare.
  10. Talk with your Hands: Use open palm gestures when talking or showing product.
  11. Bring product up to eye level: If possible show the product on the body but bring it up to eye level when you can.
  12. Treat Your Brand/Product with RESPECT: The more you show respect and take special  care with your product the more others will do the same.
  13. Stand on the same side of the table or counter as your customer: Taking out any barrier allows you to subconsciously put yourself on the same level as them. Being closer to your customer will make you immediately seem friendlier.
  14. Don’t Check the Clock or Your Phone: There is NO faster way to show your customers that you are not interested in them and want them to hurry up. Checking either of these things shows that you want to be somewhere else. Don’t DO it!
  15. Put yourself in your client’s position: When in doubt, put yourself in their position. What would make you feel welcome? Be intentional.

These Body Language Tips may seem unnatural at first, but the more you practice them, the more they will become second nature. You will see a huge improvement your customer’s response to you from the very beginning which leads to a better experience.  A better experience is what customers remember. More importantly, they will remember how you made them feel and that creates loyal customers who will come back again and again.