Anonymous teen shows BIG LOVE on Valentine’s Day

Today 3200 high school students received a big surprise when they came into school. It’s Valentine’s Day and for so many it’s a day of love, roses, and candy grams. But, of so many more it’s a reminder that they don’t feel loved by ANYONE. One student at Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida set out to change that.

Spruce Creek High School, Valentine's Day, Teen shows love

This anonymous student made 3200 heart shaped notes that say simply “You are LOVED.” The notes were meticulously taped to EVERY locker in the school. Three little words can have a HUGE impact.

Teen makes HUGE Impact on others

I’m not sure that this teen realized the impact such a seemingly small act has had. Think of students who may not be receiving a “gift” of flowers, an infamous candy gram, or a stuffed animal today. What about those students who feel forgotten especially on days like today?

Not only important on Valentine’s Day, but EVERYDAY people need to hear that someone cares. These 3 little words mean SO much. Let’s spread the love. Tell someone TODAY that they are loved! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Find someone who needs to hear just 3 little words “You are LOVED.” Let’s spread the love started by this teen. God bless this young woman. She is clearly wise beyond her years.

Valentine's Day, Teen makes a difference, Sharing the love
Teen gives BIG LOVE to 3200 students on Valentine’s Day

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