Documenting the Journey: Take a Picture BEFORE Weight Loss

Most of us who are overweight shy away from cameras. I mean, who wants to have a picture taken when they don’t like the way they look? But the journey to weight loss and health starts with the VERY first step. The first step happens the minute you choose to take action. Celebrate the success of taking that first step. Many never do. Every weight loss journey should be documented with a “BEFORE” picture.

BUT I Don’t WANT to Remember where I started

I get it. My family did NOT want to do it either! When I approached my daughter and hubby ¬†about taking a pictures of them at their highest weight, let’s just say it was NOT a fun conversation. <Insert eye roll here> I pushed hard for the picture knowing the journey we were beginning would be hard, but worth it. I knew we needed to remember where she started. We ALL did. If we didn’t remember where we had been, how could we possibly keep it from happening again? Weight loss is partly a mind game. We have to be honest with ourselves to break the bad habits we have formed and start new healthier ones. These BEFORE weight loss pictures are a great way to start being honest with yourself about where you are and how you got there.

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Why should you take pictures BEFORE weight loss?


For all of us it was the hardest thing to stand up straight in the back yard and allow each other to take pics wearing clothes that showed every curve. We opted to take the pictures all at the same time. It helped to have each other as support. We stood one by one in front of the camera. We were all uncomfortable and awkward. But we did it. We laughed about it to release the tension and agreed that these pictures were TOP SECRET until the person in the pic decided it wasn’t. <Pinky Swear>

The Progress Pictures Tell the Story MORE than the Scale

We all started our journey at different times. My daughter was the first to enter into bariatric surgery. Then my husband a month later and me 3 months after that. While we are NOT on the same schedule, we take pictures at the same time to log our progress. As we get further away from our surgery dates the weight loss has slowed. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move much, but the body still changes. Many measure inches, we chose to take pictures. In those moments when you are discouraged because you are doing all the right things, but feel like nothing is happening, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is SO encouraging to SEE the progress when you can’t feel it or watch the scale.

Our Progress Thus Far

We take pictures now without hesitation. We’ve come to terms with our BEFORE pictures and realize we are on a lifelong journey to change it. We laugh and joke and find fun in the AFTER. The BEST part is that we find PRIDE in the progress. It’s one SMALL thing that helps us stay on our path. I’m going to PROVE how empowering these progress pictures are by sharing them. I pray it helps you or someone you love take that first step and celebrate the beginning of the journey too.

Photo Tips: 1) Use a non distracting location. 2) Take your pic from the front, back and side

Weight Loss Picture, Bariatric Surgery picture,
Samantha’s weight loss journey. 6.5 months post op gastric sleeve she has lost 89 pounds.
Bariatric Surgery Weight loss, Weight loss progress
Sean’s weight loss journey. 6 months post op gastric by pass he has lost 118 pounds.
Sandy’s weight loss journey. 2.5 months post op gastric by pass she has lost 40 pounds.










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