Teens in Business

Teens and business always seem like an odd combination. Many think working with their teen will be too frustrating to be worthwhile. The truth is if you have a teen and you are NOT including them in your business, you are leaving HUGE OPPORTUNITY on the table. You can actually grow your bottom line, your teen and your relationship all at the same time.

By partnering with my child I was able to watch her go from a bullied, shy, self-conscious teen to a thriving, young adult. Together we exploded our business earning 4 incentive trips in 3 years, grew an international team, earned a company culture award given to just one teen each year and paid for her college tuition in the process. Our Story The BEST part? I can only tell you in her words. “My whole life people have always said I am not good enough, pretty enough or skinny enough. But, I know now that I am enough just the way I am” – Samantha Brantley. She now knows she can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to. That was worth EVERY minute, but the unexpected BONUS of a thriving business and a stronger relationship was an amazing surprise.

5 Reasons you NEED your TEEN in your Business

1. Higher Sales

Who can say “NO” to a sweet little Girl Scout selling cookies? NOBODY I want to know. Why do we support these little entrepreneurs? Is it because the cookies are amazing? Sure, but we could buy good cookies for a lot less at the grocery store. We support these girls because they are adorable. As women and as moms we are naturally nurturing. We want to support these children who are trying to better themselves. The same holds true for you in your business. How you incorporate your child is also important, but that’s a discussion for another day.

NOTE: This is only applicable if your business is child friendly. Do not include your child in businesses targeted at adult ONLY activities. You know the ones.

2. Access

Your teen has access to people you don’t. Teachers, coaches, activity leaders, dance instructors etc all see you teen on a regular basis. If you equip your teen to approach those people in a professional manner they open up possibilities you never dreamed you could have. Team fundraisers, parties even just a new customer are all just outside your reach, but within theirs.

3. Less Intimidating

A well spoken teen is less intimidating than you may be. Often a warm teen greeting is more successfully to a potential customer. A successful experience with a teen in business can draw attention and welcome additional earning income.

4. Instantly Relatable

Having your teen join you in your business makes you instantly relatable. Why? Everyone out there either IS a mom or had one. That makes you instantly relatable to them as you have common ground. They understand that your goal is to raise and train your child to be successful in life. Often they will be much more understanding of an imperfect sale routine than if you were making the sale alone.

5. Opportunity to Grow Teen

Of course the biggest reason to include your teen in business is to help them grow. Through including them in your business you have the opportunity to teach them finances, relational skills, how to sell and so much more. As teens find success in the business they have the opportunity to gain confidence.

5 Reasons you Need your teen in Business

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