Back to School is always a busy time for parents AND teens. New schools, teachers, friends, parents and sports coaches all add to the excitement of starting a new school year. As a teen entrepreneur, don’t miss out on the new opportunities that back to school brings. Use this fresh start to re-commit to your business too. These 6 tips will help you take advantage of Back to School opportunities and prepare your business to thrive as you head into the holiday selling season.

6 Secrets to Making Back to School a Success for your Teen Business


  1. Host an “End of Summer Blow Out” Party with Friends and Parents

    When heading back to the grind of the school year, why not throw one last “End of SUMMER” bash? Invite moms, teens, teachers etc. Have some FUN, introduce new products coming for FALL, feature summer products that are retiring and get them thinking about the holidays.  Pool parties and BBQ’s always work well. Make it more about relationships and preparing for your fall season. Book parties… suggest slumber parties themes and ice cream sundae nights etc. This is the perfect time to plant seeds to join your team. You are entering THE biggest selling season of the year. Now is the BEST time to join and start their business so they can take advantage of the selling season.

  2. Gift New Teachers

    Make a good first impression with new teachers by gifting them one of your products. Be sure to give them a business card and let them know you are a teen entrepreneur and that you are earning money for school and growing your business. Be sure to ask her if he/she knows anyone that is interested, you’d appreciate the business.

  3. Setup Fundraisers with Team Sports and School Organizations

    Clubs and Sports teams are often looking for ways to raise money. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to introduce yourself and your product to club sponsors and team coaches.  They are planning NOW for the year. You want to be on their mind. You should have your proposal together. Have the answers to their questions ready. Know how much of a percentage you will be donating back to their program.

  4. School Supply Shopping

    How can shopping for school supplies help your business? Contacts… Pay attention to students and parents searching supplies too. Be helpful and friendly. MAKE CONNECTIONS! Give them a business card and say you’d love to stay in touch. Don’t ask for them to buy from you. Just tell them you’d like to stay in touch.

  5. Doctors and Dentist Office Visits

    Most students have checkups with doctors and dentists around or in preparation for going back to school. Be sure to bring business cards and catalogs to not only leave in the waiting room, but be bold and give one to the doc. They may appreciate a bold teen entrepreneur. Remember they may need gifts for staff or family for the holidays too. Maybe offer a FREE gift for their spouse if they purchase gifts for the staff. Always offer gift wrapping too. Doctors and dentists lead busy lives. Having gifts ready to go can make the decision easy.

  6. Return School Information Packets with a Business Card and/or catalog and an offer to raise money for classroom school supplies and needs

    Every first day of school brings a packet of forms for the parent to fill out. That is the perfect opportunity to include a business card, flyer or catalog. If you offer fundraisers, you could include a flyer about fundraisers. Always look for any opportunity to remind people that you are a teen business owner and are serious about it. So include these things even if you are familiar with the person receiving these packets. You never know when an opportunity might come from the reminder.


That’s it! 6 ways YOU can make Back to School a time to expand and BOOST your business as a teen. Remember what you do NOW effects your business in the months to come. Don’t forget to care and feed your business in the busy days of back to school.


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Back to School brings Business
Make Back to School good for your business


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