Surgery Day

It’s surgery day for my daughter. She is having what’s called a sleeve gastrectomy to aid her with weight loss. There are so many misconceptions about weight loss surgery. In the weeks to come, we will be discussing many of them. But today is all about Samantha. She is the first to take the plunge. As a mom, today is a tough day. It helps that we’ve chosen one of the best surgeons in the world let alone the country. We are truly blessed that he happens to be in our own backyard. But, the journey did not begin today.

NOT the Beginning of the Journey

While today SEEMS like the first day in a journey this is certainly NOT. The journey to surgery is long. It’s long for a reason. We started the pre-surgery process over seven months ago. There are MANY  hoops and hurdles to jump through to get approved for surgery. It is a frustrating process, but looking back I think it is CRITICAL. No one should go into this surgery without knowing for sure that it’s the right choice for them. We’ve seen a primary care physician, cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, and had multiple rounds of lab work. We’ve also been through 90 days of meetings with a nutritionist and multiple session with a bariatric counselor. All of that boils down to TIME. But I realize now that time is needed to wrap your brain around all the changes that are coming.

Surgery is NOT Magic

Bariatric surgery is a tool. Much like a wrench is to a mechanic, weight loss surgery will HELP greatly with weight loss (rapid weight loss at that). No one denies that the surgery is a huge help in finding fast results. However wise choices and lifestyle changes are THE ONLY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! There is NO WAY around that for ANYONE! If someone who has surgery does NOT make those lifestyle changes, they WILL stunt their weight loss and gain the weight back after the first year. So while Sam’s life will change a LOT today, the most important changes will come in a lifetime battle for health and weight maintenance. There is NO MAGIC way to lose weight an NO easy route.

Emotional Support Animal

Yep.. just call me her emotional support animal. It’s nearly time to leave for the hospital. I’m excited and a little anxious. As a mom, it’s never easy to watch your child hurting. We’ve prayed long and hard for wisdom and guidance. I KNOW this is the right thing. I also know that my God is a God of healing. He has her in the palm of His hand. Knowing that makes today bearable… But  I need to stay strong and keep it together today. That will NOT be an easy chore for me. She’s my baby girl. While I can’t sit quietly under her bed like an emotional support animal, my job is to be her support and comfort. I’m up for the job… I think. Stay Tuned. I MAY have a meltdown. Who knows?!



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