Obesity is a GREATER threat than terrorism!?

The first thing we did on our journey was to attend an information session at the Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute in Orlando FL. Top bariatric surgeon Keith Kim explained his thoughts on the epidemic which we will discuss in a later post, but he played THIS little nugget from former Surgeon General Dr Richard Carmona.

This video truly began to open my eyes to the growing epidemic of obesity. Obesity is now a greater threat to our country than terrorism. What?! Let that sink in for just a moment. It’s a GREATER threat than terrorism. It seems that there is 1 reaction to that thought, but for 2 very different reasons.

2 Responses to this concept

  1. Anger and Outrage that our country is ignoring such a HUGE problem
  2. Anger and Outrage that someone would say something so terrible about obesity

The truth is that no matter which category you fit in, the truth is still the same. Our country and much of the world is getting more and more overweight daily. I’m NOT saying obese PEOPLE are worse than terrorism. DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND. Obesity is a genetic illness that requires the attention of specialists and doctors to battle. Obese people are not obese on purpose. They are born with the genetic pre-disposition. They should not be considered to be lazy or in some way at fault in their struggle. This topic will also be discussed in more depth in the days and weeks to come. But suffice it to say, the DISEASE of obesity has reached EPIDEMIC proportions. It is OBESITY that is the bigger threat of death to our society than being killed by terrorists. WOW! Why are we NOT addressing this in a BIG way? We have the tools and knowledge… or do we?

As a newly categorized obese person, this hit me HARD! We ALL know that obese people are minimized, shamed and bullied in this country. BUT, I had no idea the magnitude of the impact. I WILL find a solution for myself and for my family. Stay tuned for our choices and solutions right here.

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