An “Uneventful” Surgery

She made it to the loser’s bench with no issues. The list of eager patients getting her same surgery was long. It’s hard to be the last patient in an “all day sleeve event.” Being young and healthy really helped her surgery be picture perfect. Her time in surgery was less than an hour and completely uneventful. As we moved from recovery to her room, we were ready for a quiet night and a fast road to recovery.

It's LONELY on the Loser's Bench TonightIt’s Lonely on the Loser’s Bench Tonight

But tonight it’s lonely on the loser’s bench. Three days later she is one of just a couple remaining from her surgery day. Feeling deflated and broken, she’s struggling to keep even a sip of water down.  I can see it immediately. One sip of water and a pause leads to her face flushing and sweating. She is so nauseous even after 4 or 5 different kinds of nausea meds. Nausea is very common after sleeve surgery,  but most went home yesterday. She doesn’t complain or even say much honestly. She just looks so sad to still be here and to be having such struggles.

The Coach on the Bench

As the mom, I find myself sitting here wondering  if I gave her the right guidance. I’ve watched her journey from birth. I’ve seen her suffer the effects of cruel bullies. I’ve cried with her wishing for true friends and an epic love. Did I push her to do this? Did she make the wrong decision? Did she do it because I pushed her to do it? As a parent, do we ever know if we’ve said or done the right thing? Is this all this MY fault? My mind tells me this is the right thing. The studies and research all tell me this was the right thing. It’s her second chance at living a healthy life and having all the things she so desperately longs for. So why is my heart ripping me apart tonight? Why do I feel like the coach sitting on the bench pushing too hard for a victory? I sit praying for healing and comfort for this mother’s heart.

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