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Direct sales companies are NOT all the same. You CAN grow your child using ANY small business or direct sales company, but this one is special. Teen business is a growing trend for parents looking to prepare them for adulthood. Recently back from the national convention, I was reminded why I chose to be part of the Origami Owl family of brands. (Origami Owl Family of Brands consists of Origami Owl custom jewelry and Willing Beauty skincare.) They are known for their custom jewelry and amazing new skincare line. However, THIS COMPANY stands out for it’s generosity.

“These young people (you) are the reason this company exists. Because this company believes that you are more than the world might tell you that you are. This is the chosen generation.”
Chrissy Weems – Founder Origami Owl

Best Teen Business

Pre-teens/teens 11-17 are flocking to the company as part of a mother/child or sponsor/child team. The company recognizes teens along side their parent as they find success. Origami Owl hosts teen training and provides events designed specifically for them. This remarkable company truly puts kids and people at the heart of their business. Announcing a renewed commitment to the Owlette/Willagirl program at our national convention last week, the company is returning to its roots and culture. Origami Owl Family of Brands is poised to make a difference in the lives of others including teens.

This is OUR STORY in all it’s ugly crying moments. We were asked to tell our story on video while on our very first incentive trip to Cabo San Lucas. We earned this trip in only 4 months of being with the company. To say we’ve been blessed is an understatement.

Join us and change the future of your teen

These kids are our future. We are DETERMINED to make a difference. There is NO BETTER JOB in the world. I’ve seen first hand the power business can have on a child. I watched my bullied, self conscious child find confidence, self-love and love for others.¬†Together WE WILL CHANGE the future!¬†Join Us on Facebook

Hear Samantha’s words about being bullied…¬†NOT Defined by a BULLY

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