Getting into the college of your choice is harder than ever these days. Every college bound teen looks for ways to impress. Sports, clubs, grades, honorariums and jobs are all great ways to impress on a college application. However, starting a business with your teen is an opportunity like NO OTHER.  Business ownership impresses college admissions and can even score some BIG scholarships.

Don’t start from scratch! There are direct sales companies that allow teens to be a part of them. Typically they require teens to sign up under a parent sponsor. While mother/daughter is the typical pairing, there is no reason the team couldn’t be paired with dad, grandma, etc. Anyone who is willing to work together and develop the teen’s skills and accomplishments at the same time is a good choice.

My daughter and I are a part of 2 such companies. Our story was recorded on our very first incentive trip earned in just 4 months with the company. She was barely 16 at the time. From there she just continued to bloom.  Honestly owning a business together gave me the opportunity to make a difference in her personally, to prepare her for adulthood, AND get her accepted to her first choice college. Not only did it allow me to help her grow, but it enhanced our relationship too, but that’s a topic for another day.

(If you have questions about which companies allow teens or are interested in joining one, please contact me).

Direct Sales, College application
You can boost college applications with direct sales

5 ways that Direct Sales can help your Teen Boost their college application:

1. Confidence/Interpersonal skills

Many teens struggle with confidence. Working with them in business helps them learn to talk to all kinds of people. Making a sale, signing a new distributor and earning a company incentive all help teens grow confidence.  The more success they find, the more their confidence will grow.

2. Presentation skills

Teens will learn talking points for the products and how to position it. Practicing and repetition of these talking points will help them learn to  present with confidence. Strong presentation skills will propel them further not just in college but in life.

3. Teen Business Ownership

Just the fact that your teen can say they OWN their own business puts them in a whole different category on a college application. Enough said.

4. Leadership

Business ownership requires fast maturity and growth often not available anywhere else. They will learn critical thinking, how to set and reach goals, and how to treat others in the process. These skills will make them a stronger leader.

5. Earning Awards, Rank, Incentives

Direct sales comes with inherent incentives that are not only satisfying and motivating, but great additions to a college application. Incentives can often help keep your teen interested in the business and help them stretch themselves farther to achieve them.

I speak from experience. Many of you now know our story up to earning our first incentive trip, but it’s what happened after that has made all the difference. My daughter was accepted to her first choice college (University of Central Florida – GO KNIGHTS). She has found herself in leadership roles in campus political groups and her sorority (Chi Omega). She has aspirations far beyond anything we could have imagined for her. No matter where she goes from here, she will do it with poise and confidence. Isn’t that the point?


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