Ever noticed that some people seem to do well but have NO real TALENT? Yes, its true that sometimes people just get lucky and happen to be in the right place at the right time. However, I believe there are 8 things that require no ability but will get you noticed. They make the difference between those who SUCCEED and those who don’t. The funny thing is that not one of them require a special talent or ability. These are the things that propel you forward and get you noticed in ANYTHING you do.

  1. Attitude
  2. Being Prepared
  3. Being On Time
  4. Work Ethic
  5. Respect for Others
  6. Going the Extra mile
  7. Courage of Conviction
  8. Willingness to Learn

It is unfortunate that these things are often missing in my generation. MY Generation. That’s right. I’m not talking about kids or young adults. I’m talking about 30s – 40s somethings. My generation! Those that are now faced with the responsibility of running households, businesses and even countries are seriously lacking key traits that cost NOTHING and mean the difference between success and failure. I don’t mean failure of one task or another. We all face failure at some point, some of us daily. I’m talking about failure in life. Failure to pick yourself back up and keep trying. Failure to be a force for good in society and help each other. Failure to be the best possible person you can be. AND of course, failure to find true success in the workplace.

With such a lack of these critical competencies, my generation has done the millennials a HUGE disservice. Because we are lacking, we have raised a new generation totally void of these characteristics. You hear it everywhere. People complain about the lack of work ethic, respect for others, leadership etc. The problem is that we all recognize the problem in the millennial generation but don’t seem to see it in ourselves. While we see the problem, we just don’t seem to want to help our kids overcome it. If we can instill these 8 things in our children, we set them on a course to not only be noticed, but to succeed. Have you spent time teaching your child these things are important and get you noticed? Telling them isn’t enough. When have you EVER learned something from being TOLD to do it? You have to live it yourself and work with them each and every day to enforce the importance.

I know you are thinking “Yeah, that sounds GREAT, but HOW do I work with them when all my teen wants to do is spend time with friends?” or “My kid is a TEEN already it’s TOO LATE to teach them now. Is it even possible?” That is the $10mil question. My answer? START A BUSINESS TOGETHER! It IS possible to make a REAL difference in the future of a child as late as their teens and even young adulthood. You CAN teach your teen these 8 things that require no ability but will get you noticed! The featured photo above is my daughter, Samantha, being honored on stage at 17 for her personal journey and for choosing to pay it forward and help others. By working together side by side every day, Samantha and I were not only able to succeed and be top producers, but she will tell you she learned a lot about all 8 of these critical characteristics. If we can do this through working a small direct sales company, YOU CAN! There is NO better way to instill these traits than to work together towards a common goal. Find a business you both like, work hard and give them growing responsibilities as they develop.

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