Wise words from a young woman who will NOT BE DEFINED by a bully. She suffered horribly at the hands of a school filled with cruel bullies. Now Confident and Strong, she is making a difference in the lives of others. She has a message for those suffering at the hands of any bully. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 100, DO NOT be DEFINED by what others think or say.

Who is Joey?

We were touched yesterday by something that happened on social media. Many of you may not have heard about a young man named Joey. Joey was 661 pounds a year ago. He lost over 200 pounds in 1 year and celebrated by posting a status photo on Instagram. Think about that for a minute… He lost over 200 pounds in a year! I can’t seem to lose 20 pounds that I desperately want to lose! He has already accomplished an incredible feat! The response was SO ugly and cruel that he removed himself from instagram deleting his account. He suffered at the hands of a bully… many bullies.

A bully does not HAVE to be a child

A bully can be any age, race, faith, creed, or gender. Help us STAND with Joey and encourage him to keep going and to be PROUD of what he has accomplished! In the words of my daughter “You can’t define yourself by how other people view you or what other people say because they don’t KNOW you.”  Please watch this video as Samantha shows what it looks like to WIN! She will no longer be defined by her past nor will she allow a bully to define her ever again. Joey, we stand with YOU! You CAN do anything you WANT to do! Don’t let mean people change the course of your future! 

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