As someone who used a social selling company to develop a shy, insecure, bullied child, I know how effective using this joint business as a vehicle for development, resume building and personal growth.

But… How do I choose which company?

Choosing a direct sales company for my teen and myself is daunting. There are hundreds of direct sales and MLM companies out there.

Selecting the right one needs to be a joint decision. When starting a new direct sales or mlm business here are 10 things to consider when choosing a direct sales company.

How to Choose a Direct Sales Company with my Teen? blog title overlay10 Things to Considering as You Choose a Direct Sales Company with Your Teen

#1: Is the product one that interests BOTH you and your TEEN?

#2: Is the product something your Teen could market to their friends and those they come in contact with?

#3: What is the personality of the company? Is it Young and Fresh or Old and Dated?

#4: What social media platforms does the company utilize for marketing and training and does that work with those my teen is active on?

#5: What is the startup cost? Can/Should my Teen help with the initial startup fee?

#6: What are the minimums to stay active?

#7: What is the Commission Rate?

#8: Does the company already provide a program for teens/kids?

#9: Can you include your teen in company events, conventions, monthly team meetings? Is your mentor open to including your teen?

#10: Is the company a party plan company? If you hope to grow your teen’s confidence I highly recommend you find a party plan company to provide the most opportunity to work with people in small/controlled settings.

There are many other considerations when choosing a new direct sales business, but these 10 are critical to find out and discuss with your teen. Once you’ve selected your business, the journey begins. It is NOT easy working with your teen. Bridging the gap between child and business partner is tricky.

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